1. What are the characteristics of a good friend? Why do some people fail to be a good friend? Is having friends important in today’s world?
How can we make new friends? Is friendship trough the Internet possible? How would you persuade a lonely person to meet new people?

2. Are you keen on travelling? What are the benefits of travelling? Tell about your best travelling experience. Give examples of things you learnt by visiting foreign places. What should we do to be sure we respect others while being abroad? How would you persuade a badly behaving person to be more polite abroad?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city and a small village? Where would you like to live in the future? Is it better to live in a flat or a house? What is the best place to live for a university student, retired person and middle-aged working person? How would you convince a young adult to find a place on his/her own and move out of parent’s house?

4. How important is a healthy diet in our lives? Do you think you have a healthy diet? What are your likes and dislikes as far as food is concerned? When was the last time you went to a restaurant? Is it better to eat out or at home? How could a person persuade a friend to change his eating habits?

5. How important is education in today’s world? Is practice more important than theory? What professions are most needed nowadays? What is the most difficult profession to study? What are the must-have skills in today’s world? Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? How would you persuade a friend to take up a course or studies?

6. How important is technology in the modern world? What are some pros and cons of technology? What different things can we do thanks to technology? What does addiction to technology mean? How could you persuade a friend to stop using mobile devices so much? What is your favourite device and why?

7. What are some benefits of doing sports? Do you do any sports? Do you watch sport on TV? Is there any sport you would like to try? Why? What do you think about extreme sports? Do you think some sportspeople are overpaid? How would you persuade a friend to take up a new sport?

8. Is art important in today’s world? What are most popular art forms? Which art form is your favourite? Do you visit galleries, theatres, operas or exhibitions? When was the last time you were impressed by an artistic performance? What was it? How would you persuade a friend to go to an art exhibition with you?

9. How important is politics in the modern world? Do you know any famous politicians? What are they famous for? What are the most important problems governments should take care of? What makes a good political leader? Would you like to be a politician? How would you persuade people to stop using so much plastic if you were a politician?

10. Are you keen on shopping? Do you prefer shopping for clothes, shoes, electronics or food? What does it mean to be a shopaholic? Do you think people waste too much food nowadays? Can you find good bargains easily? What can we do to find the best offers? How would you persuade a friend to spend his/her money more wisely?